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A Decision Support System For Innovation Management

COMPASS is a business and market intelligence software application that allows your organization to rapidly identify technology capabilities that align with your planned initiatives

Innovator Crowd Sourcing Model

Vendor Profile and Technology Capture

Technology Characterization and Alignment

Advanced Analytics

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Guiding Innovation to Implementation

COMPASS allows an organization to rapidly identify existing and future capabilities within the innovation community and align internal initiatives to those capabilities.  The COMPASS application simplifies the acquisition process by providing innovators with a comprehensive rapid response system for planned procurements. Leveraging the latest in advanced analytics, COMPASS enables decision makers to visually identify best fit technologies as well perform trend analysis. This novel approach to innovation management shortens the acquisition cycle and significantly lessens the administrative burden placed on organization.

S.M.A.R.T. Influenced Requirements Management

COMPASS introduces a criteria based decision management platform that rigorously defines and objectively scores functionally diverse requirements

Amazing User Experience

An identity based user experience that reveals content tailored to your individual role as well as predictive broadcasting to present you with relevant and timely notifications

Collaboration Reimagined

Embedded team engagement capability that helps you work effectively across the diverse digital enterprise

Perceptive Analytics

Create relevant and stylized reports and generate dashboard visualizations with one touch ease

Effortless Delivery Model

A robust administrative capability the delivers a dynamic pooled license model to reduce the administrative overhead and provide real time usage metrics

Security Driven Design

Originally developed for the DoD, COMPASS integrates the most current best practices for platform hardening, access control, auditing, logging, data encryption and protection


The Synchronized Individual Training Environment (SITE) application provides a content rich mobile training experience that leverages the commonality of mobile devices and merges that with gamification to deliver a more effective and engaging user experience.  SITE also integrates a robust back-end that delivers improved analytics, real time application administration and MDM.

Maximization of corporate training resources

Reduction in training costs

Engaged and interactive training with gamification

Automated registration and completion reporting

Testing and skill assessments

Analyzed training results that identify knowledge gaps

Over the Air (OTA) updates of course material

Integrated security measures

Empowering Mobile Training Capabilities

SITE is a web-based training aid designed to deliver content via mobile devices (iOS, Android or Windows).  SITE enables training administrators to maximize company resources by utilizing a web interface to view training results, run analytics, and manage users and devices remotely.

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