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For more than 20 years Ridgewood Technology Partners has exceeded client expectations delivering advanced engineering solutions to organizations in the public and private sectors. 

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We work with organizations to achieve disruption through groundbreaking innovation.


Ridgewood's advanced AI platform allows an organization to make informed decisions about the vast amounts of data it has collected and provide 360 degrees of security. 


AI-Enabled Cyber Security

In the fast-evolving digital landscape, traditional cybersecurity methods are often outpaced by advanced threats. Our AI-driven cybersecurity services offer Federal and DoD agencies a dynamic, proactive defense mechanism. By integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into our core cybersecurity offerings, we provide: Predictive Threat Intelligence to identify potential threats before they materialize; Automated Real-Time Response that enable rapid response to threats, reducing the time from detection to mitigation; and 360 Degree Zero Trust Security for continuous monitoring and adaptation of security protocols.

Intelligent Surveillance

Our AI practice empowers organizations to harness machine learning for enhanced security. Our solutions enable the detection of potential threats and security violations by identifying objects such as weapons, backpacks, vehicles, and other items that may pose immediate risks. Using advanced AI technology, we provide capabilities to recognize and react to these threats swiftly, ensuring the safety of individuals and organizations.

Additionally, Ridgewood's AI practice offers sophisticated facial recognition technology. This technology is adept at identifying individuals from digital images, live video feeds, or historical video footage. Facial recognition serves multiple purposes: it helps in pinpointing people of interest, bolsters access control systems, verifies identities, and tracks unidentified individuals. Our patented approach to facial recognition is designed to enhance security protocols, ensuring a safer and more secure environment."

Natural Language Processing

Our cutting-edge services provide rapid and comprehensive transcription and translation in real-time. Designed to handle large volumes of audio files, our technology simplifies and accelerates the processes of uploading, reviewing, and editing. We deliver accurate transcripts in English and over 100 foreign languages, meeting a wide array of linguistic requirements.

Our platform stands out in its ability to efficiently assimilate data, discern patterns, and conduct targeted searches for specific keywords or phrases. Additionally, it verifies speaker identities, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of our service. This level of advanced functionality drastically cuts down the time and effort required for transcribing and translating audio files, and for isolating particular content.

Tailored for optimal performance, our solution guarantees swift and precise language processing, transforming how you interact with multilingual audio content.



At Ridgewood, we don’t take a myopic approach to solution delivery. We understand that advanced projects often require the participation of a cadre of complex, non-integrated systems. Our goal is to first create a completely unified end-state vision that all organizations can build upon.  From conception to implementation, we utilize this comprehensive approach to effectively help our clients succeed in all phases of the development lifecycle.

We employ a unique blend of agile development techniques for rapid application development. Striving to exceed our client’s need for speed of delivery, performance capabilities and price sensitivities. Our Software Engineering and Prototyping practice helps organizations to transform their business processes and customer communications with dynamic, scalable applications. 


We leverage our leading-edge business intelligence tools to identify trends, forecast future events and perform what-if scenarios. Our analytics toolset incorporates robust analysis, dashboards, scorecards, collaboration, big data and predictive analytics. These advanced web-based tools integrate into the ubiquitous and familiar desktop applications in use today to aid in the ease of data extraction and reporting.

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