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Ridgewood has designed, developed, integrated and deployed AI-based solutions across the Intel Community, Department of Defense and Law Enforcement Agencies. 

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COMPASS is a sophisticated yet easy to use Market Research application that provides real-time industry data in your private cloud, or as a SAAS model. 

COMPASS allows an organization to rapidly identify existing and future capabilities within the innovation community and align internal initiatives to those capabilities.  The COMPASS application simplifies the acquisition process by providing innovators with a comprehensive rapid response system for planned procurements. Leveraging the latest in advanced analytics, COMPASS enables decision-makers to visually identify best fit technologies as well as perform trend analysis. This novel approach to innovation management shortens the acquisition cycle and significantly lessens the administrative burden placed on the organization.


S.M.A.R.T. Influenced Requirements Management

COMPASS introduces a criteria-based decision management platform that rigorously defines and objectively scores functionally diverse requirements.


Embedded team engagement capability that helps you work effectively across the diverse digital enterprise

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Effortless Delivery Model

A robust administrative capability the delivers a dynamic pooled license model to reduce the administrative overhead and provide real-time usage metrics

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Amazing User Experience

An identity-based user experience that reveals content tailored to your individual role as well as predictive broadcasting to present you with relevant and timely notifications


Perceptive Analytics

Create relevant and stylized reports and generate dashboard visualizations with one-touch ease


Security Driven Design

Originally developed for the DoD, COMPASS integrates the most current best practices for platform hardening, access control, auditing, logging, data encryption and protection


COVER3 is an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) based application that uses cognitive services to detect, analyze and notify organizations of critical security events. 

Facial Recognition

COVER3 uses machine learning to provide the user with the ability to detect objects. 

Object Detection

Our facial recognition is capable of identifying an individual from a digital image, live video feed or historic video file.

Natural Language Processing 

COVER3 provides rapid and comprehensive transcription and translation services in real-time.


COVER3's analytics engine allows an organization to assemble and analyze thousands of images, video and audio files to produce actionable information. 

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Patterns of Life

The COVER3 Pivot Model is a visual representation of relationships between persons, places and objects and allows for a quick pattern of life analysis. Events, rules, associations and data are graphically linked to a Pivot (person, object or location) to provide a 360-degree perspective.  Data is rapidly integrated from multiple sources where it is examined to discover an individual's behavior and affiliations.  Predictive analytics is used to anticipate future activity. 


COVER3 collects data on subjects and their associations providing a link between persons or groups of people. Organizations can discover when, where and how many times two or more individuals were together.  


COVER3 automatically groups people having similar attributes or characteristics. The data collected is sorted and classified by groups such as gender or resemblance. This allows an organization to address a specific demographic or collection of individuals.  

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